What activities do you enjoy doing? I love to be outside and really enjoy playing football and riding on my bike with my friends. I also love going to the park with my friends or my parents and playing on the equipment there. Our new park has a HUGE climbing frame that's made of wood and rope, and I like trying to climb right to the very top! My Mum thinks I'm very brave when I climb high!


When I'm at home I like to play on my Wii. We got a new game at Christmas that's got dancing on it. I was a bit reluctant to start with as I knew my arm wouldn't be able to copy every move, but I have realised it's ok! I try my best to lift my arm up and I still get points from the Wii!


I also love to paint and to play with playdoh and modelling clay. I recently had to make a model for a project at school, and I used papier mache. Have you ever tried to make a model with it? What did you make? Here's how you make papier mache.

How to make Papier Mache. You will need newspapers, water, glue, a balloon, cardboard and lots of crafty ideas!


1. Mix the paper and glue in a large container until the paper is saturated with the water and glue mix. Mix one part water to one part glue to make the glue mix.


2. Start with an object that you want to cover. You can use a balloon for many projects to create a hollow middle, or you can cover an object made of wood or cardboard. If you are creating a flat object for paper crafting, you can use a shallow mold (spray the mold with cooking spray to ensure that your project releases easily).


3. Start covering the object with strips of saturated paper, smoothing it over the surface for a smooth look, or leaving it wrinkled for a textured look. Put no more than 2-3 layers of papier Mache on the object, then let dry until almost completely dry. Continue building until you have reached the thickness you want to achieve.


4. Cover the work with papier Mache made of white printer or copy paper if you are planning to paint the object. When the work is thoroughly dried, you can begin decorating your papier Mache. Papier Mache can be painted, sprayed with texturising paint, decorated with any lightweight item from tissue paper to feathers, beads, rhinestones, or stickers.


Don't forget to email Herbie a picture of your model, Herbie can then put it on his website to share with all of our friends!